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Our Locations
Regina Location :
Our Retails Stores provide a place to order chemical & pickup parts.  The Commercial Office is located in this location.  We do keep a few more commercial parts here but they can be shipped to our other store or even direct to you.
Saskatoon Location:
Our location in Saskatoon houses Retial, Service, and construction for our Residential store.  Many of the staff have a limited knowledge about our commercial customers.  The can help you with many things but when it comes to commercial codes and in-depth knowledge, Our commercial department base in Regina will get you the answers you require.
Contact Us:
Standard :  Regina Location - (306) 525 - 0508 ext. 811      Saskatoon Location - (306) 244 - 6700 ext. 811
Toll Free : Regina Location -  1-800-668-7665  ext. 811      Saskatoon Location- 1-800-735-7665   ext. 811
Fax :         Regina Location - (306) 757 - 5918       Saskatoon Location- (306) 244 - 1290