Saskatchewan Commercial Pool Deck Coatings

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Deck Coatings & Grating 
Looking for something to make your deck watertight? 
Looking to refresh the look of your deck or changeroom floor? 
Looking for increased Saftey for your wet areas?

We have the products for you. From on-site welded PVC membrane deck coatings, paint-on waterproofing systems, thermoplastic coatings, Safety tiles to quality deck paints, we can get a product that will suit your needs. Feel free to give us a call, and talk about what will work for your aquatic facility.
Deck Coatings
Natare PVC Welded Membrane Flooring
Eco-Finish Aquabrite Thermoplastic Deck Finish
Olympic Super Convoy Textured Deck Paint
Sani-Tred & Graniteflex
Waterproof Deck Coatings
Other Options
Depth Markers
Deck Grating & Drains
Trench & Gutter Grating
Deck Drains