Saskatchewan Commercial Aquatic Lifts and Wheelchairs

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Access Lifts & Aquatic Wheelchairs
Aqua Creek Scout 2
The Scout 2 Lift features an adjustable height seat pole, upgraded electronics, and a higher weight capacity. Utilize the optional pull-out leg rest for partially raised pools and spas. The updated base accommodates many existing anchors and a variety of different applications.
 • Independent third party verified to meet ADA standards by Wyle Labs 
• 375 lb (170 kg) weight capacity* 
• 360 degree powered rotation in either direction 
• Clearances vary by wall height & width 
• Setback range 19” - 35” (49 - 88 cm) 
• Flip-up armrests 
• Five year structural warranty/  Five year pro-rated electronics warranty
The Mighty 600 Lift
The Mighty 600 is UL Certified to meet pool lift safety standards. It is an ideal lift for easy and affordable ADA compliance.  The new Mighty series features an adjustable height seat pole allowing 4” of additional adjustment in 2” increments. This series provides versatility and accessibility solutions with greater water drafts and a setback up to 44”.  In addition the Mighty can rotate 360 degrees in either direction. The Mighty series will accommodate existing "standard" Scout 2 and Revolution concrete anchors. 
   • UL Certified  
• 600 lb. (272 kg) weight capacity w/ setback up to 44” (111 cm) 
• Adjustable seat pole, 360 degree rotation, Flip up armrests, and  Direct drive rotation 
• All stainless steel construction and Durable powder coat finish 
• Rechargeable battery & wall mount charger   
• Five year structural warranty & Five year pro-rated electronics warranty 
Patriot Pool Lift
The Patriot Lift is the only completely portable aquatic lift that is independently verified to meet ADA guidelines. When deployed and ready for use, the Patriot Lift features a specifically designed seat allowing for easy lateral transfers from most wheelchairs. This gives full freedom of access to the individual. The Patriot maintains a 375 pound weight capacity.
Independent third party verified to meet ADA standards by Wyle Labs 
• 375 lb (170 kg) weight capacity 
• Setback range for Fixing Kit 25” - 31” (64 - 79 cm) 
• Fixing Kit included 
• Flip-up armrests 
• Five year structural warranty/ Five year pro-rated electronics warranty
Ambassador Lift
Ranger 2 Lift
Portable Pro Pool Lift
The Ambassador features an additional 10 inches of reach allowing clearance for wide gutters and spa benches. This extended reach can also clear a curb or pool wall, making this lift ideal for raised perimeter pools and spas. Highlights of the Ambassador include a 350 pound weight capacity, extended reach, higher seat for easier wheelchair transfers and an increased setback of up to 38 inches. The Ambassador now comes standard as a deep draft lift, allowing for a wider variety of pool applications.
The Ranger 2 maintains the same high quality as all Aqua Creek lifts, along with new features. The new Ranger 2 is field reversible, which allows you to change the direction of the seat on site. It comes standard as a deep draft lift allowing for a 14" water draft and the new adjustable base plate providing additional flexibility in pools with clearance issues. The Ranger 2 is UL Certified and has a 350 pound weight capacity.
The Portable Pro Pool Lift features a completely portable design, eliminating the need for anchors. The compact frame allows the lift to be transported from or around the pool area 
with ease. Simply wheel the lift to the poolside and it’s ready to use. Its stainless steel construction allows the Portable Pro Pool lift a 400 pound weight capacity. This lift is the perfect portable solution for residential applications. Its exceptional mobility and aesthetics make the Portable Pro 
EZ 2 / Power EZ 2 Lift
Revolution Lift
Spa Lift Elite
The EZ 2 Lift series provides an economical alternative for residential pools and spas. The EZ 2 and Power EZ 2 lifts provide easy access to above ground pools and spas. Both lifts are portable for storage and/or relocation to another dock or pool area. All EZ lifts come with a 400 pound weight capacity and stainless steel construction with a durable powder coat finish to ensure long life and corrosion resistance. Wall clearance of up to 20".
The Revolution Lift provides the ability to service both above and in ground pools & spas. This extremely versatile lift accommodates up to 500 pounds and the variety of accessories available make the Revolution lift ideal for hospital and rehabilitation facilities.  Available options include Gurney attachement, Wheelchair Picker, Sling Seat, & Spineboard attachment.
The Spa Lift Elite is a fully powered ADA compliant lift designed especially to provide access to elevated pools and spas. Pair it up with a swim spa and enjoy the benefits of aquatic exercise, improved health, and increased independence. The Elite offers easy push button controls and 360 degrees of rotation. The Spa Lift Elite is constructed of quality stainless steel and coated with a durable powder coat finish. Whether relaxation, rehabilitation, or socialization is your goal, the Spa Lift Elite is the solution to stress-free access to your personal backyard or commercial spa.
PVC Pool Access Chair
These Pool Access Chairs are an ideal solution for swimming pools with ramps or zero depth entries. These access chairs are constructed from medical grade PVC and feature an anti-tip design with non-rusting parts made of stainless steel. Made to withstand harsh environments, the Pool Access Chairs are great for use in showers, locker rooms and pools environments. Chairs ships with some assembly required.
Aqua Walker
Adjustable height range of 32” – 45” 
 3” removable PVC armrest cradles 
Tool-free conversion from standard walker to armrest walker