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Hangers & Parts
Aluminum Pole Hanger 

Anodized aluminum 
Set of 2 brackets 
Hardware included 
Holds two pool poles
Jumbo Hose Hanger 

Oversized deep hanger mounts or hangs 
For use on any type of fence up to 1 3/8” deep 
Made from polypropylene with reinforced curve and hang bracket 
Standard vacuum hose can be wound up to six revolutions 
Use for hanging / organizing purposes: Life rings, vacuum hose, garden hose, hanging plants, wind chimes, lanterns and more 
Mounting hardware not included 
Size: 7.7” High x 5” Wide x 5.5” Deep
4 oz. Vinyl Adhesive 

Adhesive for wet or dry vinyl application
Vinyl Patch Kit – Wet/Dry  
Underwater or dry patching 
Fast-drying adhesive 
High-strength hold 
Kit includes: adhesive, applicator, patch material 
POO=30=30279: 4 oz. Kit 
POO=30=30280: 2 oz. Kit
Quick Patches 
Transparent pressure-sensitive patches prepared with adhesive 
Adheres to wet or dry vinyl surfaces 
Patches underwater 
POO=30=30278: 5 patches: 6 ½” x 3″
White ABS Vacuum handle
Fits all standard vacuums – Spring Clips included 

Chrome-plated Vacuum handle
Fits all standard vacuums – Spring Clips included 

Vacuum Handle Pins 2 ¼” 
Set of 2

Spring Clips 
Set of 2 
Universal fit for all pool tools