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Safety Equipment
Pentair Life Hook 

Not for use with telescopic poles

Fits any standard straight pole except telescopic poles 
Mounting Hardware set not included 
Ideal as teaching aid or for emergencies
Aer- O - Buoy™ Life Rings 
Meets Canadian Coast Guard approval. Tough outer polyethylene shell is resistant to gasoline, oil, saltwater, and pool chemicals. Closed-cell foam core for buoyancy. Unique grab line threading system allows for replacement.
Safety Hook Hardware
Attaches Safety hook to 1pc. straight poles.
Set of 2 bolts w/lock nuts

Rope Floats 
Fits standard poly-braided rope 
Size: 5″ x 9″
Sold as Eaches
Rope Hook
Chrome Plated Rope Hooks with Screws
For Use With: 3/4 Inch Rope
Sold as Eaches
3/4" Polypropylene Pool Rope
Blue & White
Sold by the foot.

Lane Marker Anchor Bar 
White ABS wall anchor 
Stainless steel bar 
Sold as Eaches
Stainless Steel Lane Marker Anchor
Bar style or Triangular bolt
Sold as Eaches

The Vac-Alert Model VA-2000L is a Safety Vacuum Release System (SVRS) designed for suction lift applications. Suction lift in this case applies to all applications where the circulating pump suction is either at or above the level of the pool water surface. This unit incorporates a 0.170” diameter orifice opening installed below the surge tube section. This orifice opening is sized to prevent nuisance tripping of the SVRS unit caused by high vacuum surges typical of many pump start-up conditions. 
The Model VA-2000L SVRS unit also utilizes a check valve assembly equipped with a 3.5 pound spring, a poppet disc and a one-way (up only) vented poppet This check valve assembly permits continued water flow to the circulating pump while the SVRS unit is in the open or vented position. The 3.5 pound spring further compressed by the poppet disc, creates enough sealing force within the check valve to allow partial water flow to the circulating pump for suction lifts up to 3.5 feet. This is critical to the elimination of circulating pump damage that can be caused by a sustained dry-running condition. The one-way vented poppet allows the surge chamber to be internally recharged when the circulating pump is turned off. 
Fiberglass Grip Strips

24" long, 2" wide, .065" thick fine grit coated fiberglass Strips.   Can be used on Vinyl pools, fiberglass pools, concrete pools, gunite pools, vinyl pool steps, and fiberglass steps.   No need to drain your pool, if installing underwater using H2O Glue Aqua Bonding Underwater Adhesive. 

Custom Order Only