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Chemicals & Testing 
No matter what you are looking for we can help you out. We have the water testing kits you need as well we stock a large inventory of replacement reagents. If we do not have it let us know and we will try and find it for you. 
​We have a large stock of chemicals for easy pool & spa care.  Have a problem with water chemistry?  Not sure what you should be using?  Our staff can help you to understand and improve your water's chemistry.
Testing & Reagents
Taylor & BioGuard Test Kits
Taylor & BioGuard Replacement Reagents
Electronic Water Testing 
Helpful Chemicals
HeatSavr liquid cover offers users the ability to save water and money by dramatically decreasing evaporation and heat loss.  For comparison, the liquid solar pool cover is about 75% as effective as a pool blanket.
Pristiva Acid Enhance 
 The much safer, phosphate & sulphate-free way to lower pH & Total Alkalinity in a salt pool. A specially designed liquid acid specific for salt pools. A simply safer product – it will not burn skin and significantly reduces fuming. Helps reduce sulphate build-up which can increase the risk and extent of scaling. Common source of sulphates are dry pH reducers and non-chlorine shocks.
Stain & Scale Control protects pools from the damaging effects of scale buildup and staining due to excessive calcium, iron, copper and other minerals. It works without the use of phosphates or harsh acids. This product also works very well at preventing/reducing scale from forming on chlorine generator cells and UV crystal lens in order to help maintain optimum performance. 
Optimizer Plus - 
Improves bathing comfort 
Provides superior water quality
Anti-Foam - Easy-to-use, fast-acting formula that doesn’t affect pH level.  Works well with all sanitizer types and all pool surfaces
Natural Clarifier is made from the recycled shells of crabs and various sea life. Crabs and other crustaceans have a product in their shells called chitosan that attracts small particles of debris in water. Use to effectively and quickly clear problem water or to polish dull water by removing small suspended particles. PRO SERIES Natural Clarifier is environmentally safe.
Instant UV Block
The better way to increase stabilizer levels! Instant UV Block is a next generation, fast acting liquid technology. Unlike older style, very slow dissolving stabilizer products, UV Block works fast. Just pour around the edges or slowly into the skimmer. Ideal for use with any chlorine sanitizing system.
CYA Removal Kit efficiently removes cyanuric acid from pool water. This revolutionary two-part system works without the need to drain or dilute water from a pool. 
CYA Removal Kit takes cyanuric acid (also known as CYA, stabiliser or conditioner) out of pool water.  CYA Removal Kit reduces high levels of cyanuric acid to help you achieve the ideal range for a swimming pool of 30-50ppm.
Cleaning Chemicals
Off the Wall - is a special non-abrasive formula to clean pool surfaces and equipment. Rids pool surfaces and equipment of unsightly greases and oils
Pipe Purge attacks contaminants like oils, lotions, sunscreen, cosmetics, and hair products.  These create high non-living organic loads that can cause cloudy water, hard to maintain water chemistry, clogged filters, foaming and nasty waterline rings. These contaminants collect and buildup in pool circulation systems and filters. By purging the pool of this buildup, the symptoms of high non-living organic loading will be reduced.
Balancing & Maintance Chemicals
Pool Magnet Plus -prevents and removes stains from iron, copper and manganese
Lo 'n Slo / Dry Acid - Lowers pH and Total Alkilinity 
Balance Pak 100 - Raises Total Alkalinity
Balance Pak 200 - Raises pH Levels
Balance Pak 300 - Raises Total Calcium
Jack's Magic Stain Problem Solving
Stain ID Kit is the first step in performing a successful Jack’s Magic stain removal. The Stain ID Kit is designed to take the guesswork out of removing swimming pool stains. One of the (4) simple topical tests will identify what bests removes a swimming pool stain, saving both time and money.
The Iron, Cobalt, &Spot etching Stuff-(Stain Solution #1) is a non-acidic product for removing iron, cobalt, and spot-etching stains from all types of pool surfaces without draining the pool. It will normally remove these stains easily and effectively within 48 hours, with minimal rebalancing of other pool chemical products.
The Blue Stuff- for metal staining has a proprietary blend actually removes copper from the water. “The Blue Stuff” is also very stable in higher chlorine levels and can be used in many fountain and water feature applications. 
The Copper & Scale Stuff - (Stain Solution #2) is designed to safely and effectively remove copper stains and scale from all types of pool surfaces without draining the pool. In most cases, The Copper & Scale Stuff is more effective than acid washing the pool, and will save both time and money. 
Algae Problem Solving 
Polygard- General Algae prevention for use in all bodies of water
Banish- BioGuard’s best preventative algaecide. NOT for use in Spas or fountains
Erase - BioGuard’s best formula, highly effective, kills ALL types of algae