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Services Paradise LeisureScapes Commercial Can Provide...
Building a new pool or spa in your town or park? We can consult with you and/or your pool board to discuss dimensions, equipment, building processes, local, and provincial pool code requirements and help guide you through what is needed. We are able to provide a full range of services from concept, design, and engineering to construction and installation to complete project management from start to finish. Our staff can work in concert with your staff members and/or volunteers along the way to help decrease costs. 
We will come to your pool and winterize it ensuring there is no damage done to your plumbing or equipment over the winter months. Without proper winterizing pools, especially commercial size pools, are vulnerable to damage inflicted on plumbing and equipment by freezing water. Lines can crack, delicate equipment can be damaged, even steel valves and pipes can be ruined by ice! We blow out and plug all of the returns and main drains and use antifreeze in all of the skimmers, pumps, and heaters to ensure nothing is damaged over the winter. 
 Our skilled and experienced personnel are available to install, repair, and/or renovate equipment or lines in your pool or spa. 

Our service personnel are able to test the lines in your pool to help find and isolate the location of possible unseen leaks.
Paradise Pools is a certified warranty approved service outlet for Maytronics Dolphin automated pool cleaners. We diagnose, service, and repair your Dolphin to get it back in the pool as soon as possible!
Have one of our technicians come out to test and evaluate your existing equipment system and suggest upgrades to improve performance and efficiency. We can also help to ensure that any proposed upgrades meet current Saskatchewan Ministry of Health regulations.