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Ron Seibel
 - Commercial Manager  -  Extention 215
Ron Seibel is the commercial manager for our great province. He has been with Paradise since 1999 and through the years worked in numerous departments to expand his knowledge in the pool industry.  He has been working as the commercial manager since 2006.  He enjoys learning new technologies and helpful hints in the pool industry.
Ron's favorite training course was his Genesis 3 design group Advanced Fluid Engineering design course.   
Feel free to contact Ron directly at E-mail:   
Jeff Larwood
 - Commercial Assistant Manager  -  Extention 216
Jeff Larwood is the Assistant Commercial Manager and has been with the company since 2011. He has worked closely with Ron in many endevours. His extensive training as well as a background in the construction industry has made him an asset to the commercial department. Jeff expands his knowledge with industry training and working with manufactures to get the job done right. 
Feel free to contact Jeff directly at E-mail:
Aaron Delaney
 -Commercial Customer Service Manager-Extention 214
Aaron Delaney is our Commercial Customer sales Coordinator and has been with Paradise LeisureScapes since 2017. Aaron brings his valued customer care experience to the Commercial department from our Retail/Sale team. His customer based focus allows him to be our Regina based instore contact for all things commercial. Gone are the days of waiting days(weeks) for a response for your commercial issues. If Aaron doesn’t have the answer he will work tirelessly to get you what you need to have a successful aquatic center. Though he is new to the commercial side, his helpful attitude and willingness to learn, makes him your best first contact for all of your commercial needs. He knows there is a lot to learn but looks forward to anything thrown his way because he is here to help make things easier for you.
Feel free to contact Aaron directly at E-mail: 
Cody Yake
 - Commercial Project Manager- Extention 218
Cody Yake is our Commercial Project Manager newly added to our commercial department. His work experience of 6 plus years in the construction industry and passion for excellence makes him an asset to the commercial department. Cody is very knowledgeable in general construction practicces and is working to increase his knowledge by working closely with other members of the commercial department and with industry training. Cody will take care of your project to make sure it is properly communicated, expertly completed and correct.
Feel free to contact Cody directly at E-mail: 
Service Staff
Local Contractors
With the help of our retail stores, we have a network of service techs with ties to the retail market. This gives them the base skills for doing smaller jobs in the commercial areas. They also recieve training to help us in the commercial market.  We rely on them as much as they rely on us.
We find in this great province that there are many people with expertize that would benifit a commercial project.  We can help.  We can work along side the people in your community that don't have the direct expertise of pools but have the skill set to do the job.  We are proud to share our job sites with great local contractors that know what the aquatic site means to the community because they are part of the community.
Do you know of someone?
    * Paradise Commercial is always looking for the right people
    * If you know a hard working, dedicated individual looking for a career opertunity, have them contact us.
    * Even if pools is not your strong point, we can train the right people for a fulfilling career in the pool industry.  Feel free to contact Jeff or Ron with Questions or even a resume.